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Our Publishing History

The following is the Bible Society of Malawi Bible publishing history:

● Buku Lopatulika (Chichewa)—first published in1923, Revised Orthography 1966.
● Tumbuka Bible—first published in 1952.
● Tonga Bible—first published in 1985.
● Tumbuka Common Language Bible—first published in 1981.
● Tumbuka Common Language Bible with DC—first published in 1981.
● Ngonde Bible—first published in 1992.
● Buku Loyera (New Chichewa Common language Bible)—first published in 1999.
● Buku Loyera with Deuterocanonicals New Chichewa —first published in 2000.
● Sena Common Language Bible—First published in 2005.
● First Yawo Bible – First produced in 2014

Our Bible Languages

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SenaChichewaTumbuka; Llomwe; Yao; Lambya

More about us

We are the biggest Translator, Publisher and Distributor of the Bibles in Malawi, an inter-confessional organization seeking to serve all Christian Churches and Church related organizations in Malawi. We seek to carry out our task in partnership and co-operation with all Christian Churches and Church related-organizations in Malawi. We belong to a Global network of 146 National Bible Societies operating in over 200 countries that has been in existence since 1946.

Our Bibles

The following are the full Bibles in Malawi vernacular languages:

1. Chichewa Bibles - two versions

2. Tumbuka Bibles - two versions

3. Chisena Bibles

4. Ngonde Bibles

5. Chiyawo Bibles

Translations underway are:

1. Ellomwe Bibles

2. Lambya Bibles

GET INVOLVED - Support Yawo Literacy Program

The Bible Society of Malawi launched a new Yao Bible in 2014. In order for the Yao Bible to be meaningfully used to the advantage of the Yao people it will be dependent on the majority of the Yao people being literate to read their Bible. To maximise the use of Yao Bible, the Bible Society of Malawi is seeking to partner with local Churches to offer literacy training to non-reading Christians and non-Christian Yao people to prepare them to read their Bible

The desk research by the marketing team of the Bible Society of Malawi revealed that the literacy rates among the Yao people especially among women is far much lower than earlier thought. On the ground Yao people literacy rates are 35% (overall) 42% (male) and 28% (female). The Yao people are mostly fishermen and peasant farmers and live along the shores of Lake Malawi.

This project will help beneficiaries to read and write, consequently the Yawo Bible will not be a closed book to them but an open book!

Be part of the supporters who wish to make the Yawo Bible open to many Yawo speakers who cannot write and read. Your financial contribution towards the project will help in procuring learning materials for the learners.

Pa nthaŵi imene Mulungu adaikonzeratu, pamene ife tikusoŵabe pogwira, Khristu adatifera anthu ochimwafe. Nchapatali kuti munthu afere munthu wina, ngakhale winayo akhale wolungama. Kaya kapena mwina munthu nkulimba mtima mpaka kufera munthu wabwino.

Aroma 5:6-7 (Buku Loyera)

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